Shipping, Insurance & Sales Tax

Shipping within the contiguous 48 US
We ship exclusively by Federal Express. Freight costs are based on gross and dimensional weight.
Per box, containing unlimited Components and Fly Rod Blanks Per box, containing up to 4 Rods and 10 Blanks other than Fly Rod Blanks and unlimited Components and Fly Rod Blanks
2nd day Standard
2nd day Standard
Region 1 $15.59 $17.90 $30.60 $27.42 $31.19 $45.33
Region 2 $20.49 $22.80 $44.18 $36.96 $45.33 $71.61
Region 3 $23.39 $26.27 $45.33 $44.75 $54.29 $74.49
Region 4 $26.27 $30.03 $46.49 $52.55 $63.23 $77.67
All Regions, shipments less than or equal to $50.00, no rods, blanks or machines, $13.50 Priority Mail Insured
All shipments will be covered by insurance. The cost is $0.00 for the first $100.00 of merchandise and $0.95 per $100.00 over the first $100.00 merchandise value on all shipments within the contiguous 48 United States.

For example the insurance cost on a shipment containing

  • up to $100.00 of merchandise would be $0.00
  • for merchandise between $100.01 and $200.00 insurance would be $0.90
  • for merchandise between $200.01 and $300.00 insurance would be $1.80
  • etc.
Insurance on shipments outside the 48 contiguous United States is subject to various rates. We will include the amount that applies to your area in our quotation to you.
Shipments outside the contiguous 48 US
Since the cost of Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Export destinations are more difficult to predict, we will charge your credit card for the shipping & insurance cost after your order is packed for shipment. Export shipments should be sent the most economical method by Federal Express, except Canadian shipments, which should be sent by post.
Sales Tax
Shipments to Pennsylvania addresses will be charged 6.0% Pennsylvania sales tax on the merchandise, insurance and shipping cost.

For example, on a hypothetical shipment to a Pennsylvania address:

Sub-total (merchandise) before shipping, insurance & tax$227.00
(sub total for sales tax calculation)$250.80
6.0% Pennsylvania Sales Tax$15.05
Total (purchase)$265.84

State Sales Tax does not apply to shipments outside Pennsylvania.